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Asadenaki Wailer

ASADENAKI is one of Reggae music's emerging gems continuing a rich musical legacy he inherited from his father who also gave him his unique name, which means "enigma". Singer, songwriter, composer, percussionist and guitarist, Asadenaki was also trained in film and video production at Clayton State University in Georgia, USA. Being true to his name, he describes himself as "a creator inspired by The Creator".

Born and raised in Kingston 20 at the historic house of Solomonic Productions; the home office of his father Ska/Rocksteady/Reggae pioneer, Hon. Bunny Wailer, Asadenaki was always surrounded by music. In his early years however, he was more fascinated with athletics mainly football (soccer) and was a part of the Meadow Brook High School football team for just one year. He migrated to the United States of America to live with his mother; a designer and passionate Pan-Africanist after his caretaker Junior Braithwaite, original member of the wailers, was tragically murdered in Kingston 20. He was reintroduced to the arts with his enrollment in DeKalb School of the Arts, a performing arts high-school which led to his training in music and media. While continuing his schooling, Naki played football to the level of receiving a college scholarship. During university Asadenaki increasingly found himself penning lyrics as he sought a way to express his understanding of life, giving in to his true calling. He was able to hone his skills in the family's home studio while working with his sister, Cen’C Love on her groundbreaking album, Love Letter.

He returned to Jamaica on a musical mission and joined forces with Yezer Root a 'yanter', bassist/guitarist and keyboardist and crooner, Narry Berry to form "The Tuff Gang". With this newly created unit, Asadenaki developed his singing and performing skills while holding the ever-important rhythm-guitar section in the band. “Asadenaki and The Tuff Gang” released their debut EP entitled 'Freedom Seeds' in July 2015 and did the local reggae circuit including performances at Jamnesia, Inner City Dub, Sankofa Sessions, Bob Marley Trenchtown Concert, Peter Tosh Memorial Concert, Wickie Wackie Music Festival, Bourbon Beach and The One Love Concert series in Negril, Jamaica.

Asadenaki, stepping out as a solo artist, is driven by his deep love for music ranging from his native Ska, Rocksteady, and Reggae to the influences of Hip-Hop, R&B, Country and Soul inspired by the wise teachings of his ancestors. Known affectionately as a 'Music Man', Asadenaki relishes his role in all aspects of music, from instrumentalist, producer, singer, songwriter to disc jockey. He can be heard spinning tracks, toasting and entertaining a loyal and growing following of Jamaican masses and the diaspora on his weekly 'Culture Classics' radio show on RJR94FM, Jamaica's world re-known radio station.

Asadenaki's love and passion for music is highlighted in his creatively poetic lyrics reminiscent of Super Cat paired with the soulful sounds of The Wailer’s aimed at uplifting and empowering his audience. With new music ready for release, he intends to share his brand of Reggae with lyrically charged messages of unity, self-awareness and diligence with the souls of music lovers across the world. His label “Tuff Gang Collective” is an ancestral call, a reclaiming of a heritage, for him and the Wailer’s family of “Tuff Gong” that was originally “Tough Gang”.

Through divine guidance from the Most High, ASADENAKI aims to empower the masses and sing for peace, justice and equality through Word, Sound, Power!

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