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Rik Jam

My name is Ronaldo Ricketts, known as Rik Jam.

I was born and raised in a community called Fletcher Land. I spent half of my childhood years in Fletcher Land until my mom passed and I moved to Stadium Gardens where I now reside with my father. Life has changed a bit since I moved, I have faced some challenges, but music is the only thing that is keeping me together. My love for music started from the very tender age of 8 when I would actively participate in all the singing activities at church. However, my passion for music blossomed when I entered my teenage years.

At the age of 15 while attending the St Andrew technical high school I decided to join the school choir. As I participated in various rehearsals and live performances I quickly realized that music was my life goal. I felt a passion within me each time I sang, I did not just want to voice the words of a song but I wanted my music to speak to my audience.

From early on in my music career I purposed myself to sing clean, positive lyrics as such music help to keep one focused and give you a positive energy. Music is like a gateway to my happiness and without it I don't think I could function properly. I want to learn more about this music industry, I want to learn how to play some instruments So far I have a little knowledge in playing the piano, but I am taking it one step at a time as I appreciate the music and my audience as I am guided by the words of Bob Marley “When the root is strong, the fruit is sweet.”


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