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Romario Sebastian Anthony Bennett aka Runkus is a past Campion College student, who did exceptionally well in his CSEC and CAPE Examinations. He was a very active member of the student body, being President of several clubs including Media Production, Green Generation and the Music Club.

Runkus has not limited himself in recording or performing a specific genre of music and this has set him aside from others in the field. He has articulated the following: “To say that I only do one or a few genres of music is limiting my scope. I was grown cultural, so that means, Rastafarian Roots Music, Reggae, One Drop, Dancehall, all that is natural to Jamaica is second nature to I. However, I simply do music, not just Reggae, not just Dancehall, not just Roots Rock… I DO MUSIC! That is where all those genres form from, from nothing, from free creativity without borders or restrictions”.

Runkus has toured extensively and recently was included in a promotional tour of the East Coast with Kymani Marley, giving him the opportunity to showcase his repertoire of songs and his unique style. In 2016, Runkus and the Old Skl Bond toured Europe promoting the Move In EP performing on the Reggaejam Festival in Bersenbruck, Germany. They also gave an encore performance on Rototom’s Showcase Stage in Benacasim, Spain closing the tour in high spirits thus giving them the opportunity to tour the following year more extensively. The Classisin Tour (2017), saw them performing on several festivals namely Reggaejam and Summerjam in Germany, Reggae Geel in Belgium, Rototom in Spain, Rote Fabrik and Reeds Festival in Switzerland, Reggae Fever and Roots In The Park in the Netherlands, and the prestigious Boomtown Fair in England where he was well received and his fanbase expanded significantly.

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